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Mayor Reed welcomes APD, planning firm to spearhead the Choice Neighborhoods project

Mayor Steven L. Reed joined Montgomery Housing Authority (MHA) Chairman of the Board, Dr. John Knight, Jr., and Chief Executive Officer Damon E. Duncan to introduce APD Urban Planning (APD), the firm selected to lead the design and planning efforts for the Choice Neighborhood Grant Initiative.

APD's selection marks another milestone in the effort to revitalize the Centennial Hill and Paterson Court communities.

"My administration is committee to advancing opportunity for everyone in Montgomery. This award is only the beginning of our plan to revitalize key corridors and communities throughout our city," Mayor Reed said. "The Choice Neighborhood project will ensure equitable growth through strategic investments, like mixed-use development and high-quality affordable housing."

In January, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development awarded a $450,000 planning grant to the City of Montgomery and MHA. The grant is one of 11 awards funded through HUD's Choice Neighborhoods Initiative, which helps local leaders craft comprehensive, homegrown plans to revitalize and transform neighborhoods across the country. Montgomery's award will stimulate affordable housing and economic development in the Paterson Court neighborhood and the entire Centennial Hill community.

"The Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grant is great news for the residents of Paterson Court and the surrounding community," said MHA Chief Executive Officer Damon E. Duncan. "The award demonstrates the shared commitment of the MHA, Mayor Steven L. Reed, Alabama State University and other community stakeholders."

During the design and planning phase, APD, MHA, and City leaders will collaborate with community advocates and other stakeholders to create a viable and actionable Transformation Plan for the Centennial Hill Neighborhood that will revitalize the area and enhance its vibrancy and quality of place for many years to come. APD will begin working with the Paterson Court Resident Council and other neighborhood leadership to conduct extensive community engagement implemented through a series of frequent planning meetings and charrettes.

APD Urban Planning & Management, LLC, is a minority-owned consulting firm located in downtown Atlanta. Their team consists of professionals trained and experienced in multiple disciplines, including real estate development, neighborhood and urban planning, urban design, architecture, community development and geographic information systems (GIS).

CNI Planning Firm Announcement
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