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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative? 

The Choice Neighborhoods Initiative (CNI) is the Department of Housing and Urban Developments (HUD) signature
program designed to address struggling HUD-assisted properties with a holistic neighborhood-based approach .

Who is the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative for?

Montgomery's Choice Neighborhood Initiative is for the residents of Paterson Court and the surrounding Historic
Centennial Hill neighborhood. Residents and stakeholders will work with the Paterson Court Innovators, MHA, the City of Montgomery, and APD Urban Planning & Management to develop a transformation plan that will address housing,people, neighborhood, and education.

How will this impact the residents of Paterson Court?

Although Paterson Court will eventually be demolished in the future, no relocation will take place before 2023. We intend to reduce the burden on residents as much as possible, and the CNI planning process will help us explore every option.

Will the Choice Neighborhoods plan celebrate the unique and extensive history of the historic Centennial Hill community?

Yes, this Choice Neighborhood Initiative will highlight significant people, places, and events related to this historic
neighborhood that have shaped not just the City of Montgomery but also the State of Alabama and the Nation. This focus will help in developing policies and resources to support and enhance these historic assets.

How long will the Choice Neighborhoods planning process take? 

This phase of Montgomery's Choice Neighborhood Initiative is a (2) TWO-YEAR process and we will gather everyone's input and feedback on housing options and potential future redevelopment in the community. Everyone's voice and input is valuable and very important!

Still have questions? Visit our contact page to submit your inquiries. 
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