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The Centennial Hill Transformation Plan will be developed using a community-driven, bottom-up process that optimizes the resources and commitment of local stakeholders and organizes around the abilities and strengths of local anchor institutions, service providers, governmental entities, business and residents. The Housing Authority of the City of Montgomery (MHA) Alabama and the City of Montgomery (City) will ensure that the comprehensive planning process remains inclusive and flexible throughout the grant period and beyond to accommodate new perspectives, partners, projects, best practices and data inputs.

The Housing, People and Neighborhood Committees will have responsibility for doing deep dives into specific issues identified during the planning process and for conceptualizing and developing plan components to fruition. The CHAB (Centennial Hill Advisory Board) and each of the three Committees will also have the authority to create Task Forces to explore hot button issues as defined during the planning process. For example, Task Forces focusing on youth or seniors might be explored first within the context of a Task Force.

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